Saturday, October 27, 2012

...Writing a Blog

Hello soon-to-be friends and faithful readers! Welcome to my little blog about my quest of finding true happiness in life. This is mostly going to be about simple pleasures that humor this 25 year old girl from Missouri. Things like my awesome boyfriend, new shoes, baking, and watching Chopped. Oh, and bacon. Because who doesn't get happy when eating some nice crispy bacon. Or chewy. I don't judge. All bacon lovers are welcome here.

Really, the idea of this blog came from a project I started on Facebook. Starting on January 1st of this year I wanted to take a picture every day of something that made me happy that day. It stemmed from 2011. It was a bad year. Like, legitimately bad. Real things were happening... but more on that in later posts perhaps. So for 2012, I wanted to post pictures every single day to remind me that even with all the shit going on, there were still things to be happy about. So I started this little personal project, and some of my friends followed suit.

I only lasted a month.

Not because I wasn't happy, but because... well I'm lazy. And my pictures tended to be of the same things: Specific people, food, books, food, hockey... more food. Bacon.

So now, several months later, 2012 is proving to be an even worse year than 2011. But things DO make me happy. Every. Single. Day. :) And I want others to read my blog and find hope. My posts will probably start with me complaining, but I will always finish on a happy note. That is the whole point. To address the problems in life, but to find at least one thing that made me happy during the shit.This blog is not to be taken lightly... some real problems will be addressed here. Like I said, though, I want people to read about real problems in life, but then see that even I have something to be happy about... Even if it is just a piece of bacon.


  1. MMMM Bacon. :) I'm excited to read what you have to write. Write on sister!

  2. Aw my first comment ;) thanks Mandi!

  3. Aww, I love this. And you. And bacon. :)

  4. :) it's going to be amusing lol