Thursday, November 8, 2012

... A Little Girl Named Natalie Paige

Today is my niece's 4th birthday!

Here's a look at Natalie through the years:

Welcome to the world little lady! November 8, 2008
6 months old and so happy!

Big girl turned one on November 8, 2009 
                                     March 2010 - Check out the shirt!                                    May 2012 at Grant's Farm

Natalie's second birthday, November 8, 2010

     December 2010 with baby brother Adam                              May 2011 at STL Zoo                                     August 2011 at Ocean City, MD

Holy cow! Three years old on November 8, 2011
                                                              This picture cracks me up! So sassy!

                                             May 2012 with baby sister Lydia             June 2012 at the Baltimore Zoo

And now look who's FOUR!!!!

October 2012 At a fall festival with sister Lydia

Happy birthday Natalie!!! Aunt Katie loves you!

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