Sunday, November 18, 2012

...Turning Thirty

Wait, what?!

I'm 25. Said that before. But there is something about a girl's thirtieth birthday that is both satisfying and terrifying. I figure I better start preparing for it now. :)

I stumbled across a woman's blog today and I read a post she wrote about her 30X30 list.  (Okay, I skimmed. I'm working in a limited time frame here. The leasing office, and therefore my internet access, closes at 5) A 30X30 list is like a bucket list that consists of 30 things that you want to achieve by the time you're 30. Easy peasy. The writer of the blog is 27 and she crossed off the first thing on her list this past week. She directed her own musical (!). I don't know her, but I am proud of her. For fairness in borrowing her idea, you can read the post here: (Mandee, if you somehow stumble upon this, thanks for the idea and I hope you don't mind me sharing your blog!)

I want a 30X30 list. I want it. I have 4 1/2 years to get this shit done so without further ado:

(And please feel free to comment on my awesome Paint skills. Old school.)

I think most of those are attainable... I tried not to pick anything too crazy. Except that "go a month without drinking soda" - That's gonna be a bitch. I really like a good fountain Pepsi.

Stay tuned to my 30X30 and wish me luck!


  1. Katie! Thank you so much for the shout out! I will be watching your blog! And you've really given me a push to make sure I accomplish these things! Good luck! I can't wait to see you accomplish these things!

  2. Thank you Mandee! Love your blog btw :)